Farid Khoshkhati

Farid is a dedicated researcher specializing in nano-photonics within the field of Photonics Engineering. With a strong background in electronics engineering and a degree from the University of Tehran, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of photonics principles and techniques. Currently serving as a Research Assistant in the Nano-Bio-Photonics Lab, Farid actively contributes to cutting-edge projects at the optoelectronics and plasmonics section. His expertise encompasses optical properties of nanostructured materials, optical characterization, and nanophotonics. He has published influential papers and excel in experimental techniques, including lithography, nanomaterials deposition, and optical setups. Seeking a Ph.D. position in photonics, Farid is particularly interested in exploring the potential of plasmonics and metamaterials. He continuously expands his knowledge through specialized courses and valuable collaborations with renowned professors. Passionate about contributing to the field's progress, He eagerly seeks global opportunities that align with his research interests. He is ready to join a dynamic research team that nurtures innovation and offers a stimulating environment to explore the captivating world of photonics. farid.khoshkhati96@gmail.com