Machine learning-assisted liquid crystal-based aptasensor for the specific detection of whole-cell Escherichia coli in water and food (2024)

Plasmonic enhanced photoconductivity of gold nano island film in total internal reflection condition (2024)

Near-infrared reflecting/transmitting smart windows based on chiral nematic liquid crystals with enhanced electrically switching performance (2024)

Design and fabrication of a simple and cost-effective optical flow meter using liquid crystals and textile grid (2023)

Optical CO2 gas sensor based on liquid crystals in a textile grid (2023)

Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease by measuring amyloid beta-42 concentration in human serum based on liquid crystals (2023)

A cost-effective label-free biosensor for rapid detection of multiple viral respiratory infections base on liquid crystals: Fabrication and modeling (2023)

Resistive switching transparent SnO2 thin flm sensitive to light and humidity (2023)

Enhancement in electrical conductivity of liquid crystals by graphene metal oxide composites (2023)

Optimizing liquid crystal cell thickness in electro-optical Fresnel lenses through theoretical calculations and experimental validation (2023)

Quantum dot lasing from a waterproof and stretchable polymer filmQuantum dot lasing from a waterproof and stretchable polymer film (2022)

Rapid, label-free and low-cost diagnostic kit for COVID-19 based on liquid crystals and machine learning (2022)

Rapid and Label-Free Methanol Identification in Alcoholic Beverages Utilizing a Textile Grid Impregnated with Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals (2022)

Fabrication of a spatially tunable band reject filter with a very wide tunability range based on a chiral nematic liquid crystal polymer (2022)

Reduction of solar infrared heating by using highly transparent thin films based on organic chiral nematic liquid crystal polymer (2022)

Modeling of a photo-assisted refocusable adaptive modal liquid crystal lens with a photoconductive layer (2021)

A robust and inexpensive all optical switch with chiral nematic liquid crystal (2021)

Fabrication and characterization of large aperture adaptive modal liquid crystal lens with a PEDOT: PSS/PVA/DMSO blend used as the modal and rubbing layer (2021)

Accurate quantification of photothermal heat originating from a plasmonic metasurface (2020)

Polymer dispersed liquid crystal-mediated active plasmonic mode with microsecond response time (2019)

Tunable, polarized and deeply modulated photoluminescence based on gold nano-islands and liquid crystal (2019)

Hybrid fluorescent layer emitting polarized light (2017)

Quantum Dots and Aligned Quantum Rods for Polarized LC Backlights (2016)

Full alignment of dispersed colloidal nanorods by alternating electric fields (2016)

Microsecond-range optical shutter for unpolarized light with chiral nematic liquid crystal (2015)

Thin Film Polarized Liquid Crystal Backlight (2015)

Large–Scale and Electroswitchable Polarized Emission From Semiconductor Nanorods Aligned in Polymeric Nanofibers (2015)

Anisotropic films for optical applications based on liquid crystal and nanorods (2015)

Effect of UV curing conditions on polymerized tunable chiral nematic liquid crystals (2014)

Widely tunable chiral nematic liquid crystal optical filter with microsecond switching time (2014)

Fast and versatile deposition of aligned semiconductor nanorods by dip-coating on a substrate with interdigitated electrodes (2013)